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Calculations, Terms used and Precautions in Herbicide Application



Quantity  of  Commercial  produce required  (kg/ha)        =       Rate  of  herbicide  application  (a.i  kg/ha)    X     (100 ) / %  active  ingredient

 Example  :  Rate  of  Atrazine  (active  ingredient)  application  per  ha  =  1.25  kg

Active  ingredient  in  commercial  product                                        =           50  WP

Thus  the  quantity  of  commercial  product  of  atrazine  per  ha           =           1.25  X     100 /50           =     2.50  kg


Pre-emergence  :  Application  of  herbicide  before  crop  and  weed  emergence  within  48  hrs after  sowing.

Post  emergence  :  Application  of  herbicide  after  crop  and  weed  emergence  preferably  when the  weeds  are  in  3  to  4  leg  stage.

Directed  spray  : Application  of  herbicide  by  directing  the  spray  nozzle  on  weed  only.


Precautions :-

  1. Read  the  herbicide  label  carefully  and  follow  the  direction  on  the  label.
  2. Check  the  sprayer  before  starting  spray.  It  should  be  working  properly.
  3. Use  only  Flat  fan  or  Evan  spray  nozzle.
  4. Clean  the  sprayer  with  clean  water  before  and  after  spraying.
  5. Calculate  the  amount  of  commercial  products  required  for  area  to  be  sprayed.
  6. Mix the herbicide in small quantity (1-2 litres) or water first and then make the required volume with water (600-750 L/ha).
  7. Divide the field to be sprayed into parts i.e. one bigha land may be divided into four parts of 200 sqm. each and spray 12-15 litres of herbicide solution in each part. This will ensure uniform spray in whole area.
  8. Do  not  spray  herbicide  on  windy  and  rainy  days.
  9. Judge  the  stage  of  crop  and  weeds  in  case  of  post-emergence  application.
  10. Store  the  herbicide  in  labelled  containers  and  way  from  food  material  and  children.
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