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Future Strategies

Future strategies for the development of horticulture in the State are:-

1. Improvement of productivity of existing horticulture plantations.
2. Quality improvement of horticulture produce.
3. Diversification of the horticulture industry.
4. Modernization of the nursery production programme for the production of virus free certified planting material on suitable rootstocks. 
5. Introduction of improved fruit varieties and rootstocks from advanced countries and their multiplication for supply to the farmers. 
6. New orientation to the planting density in the fruit orchards from the present low-density plantation to medium and high-density plantation, with the objective of obtaining higher productivity of quality fruits per unit area. 
7. Minimum use of pesticides with emphasis on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Biological Control of pests and diseases. 
8. Utilization of the information technology for the dissemination of technical know how and marketing information to the fruit growers. 
9. Improvement of water management practices in the orchards through adoption of scientific water harvesting, storage and application practices. 
10. Utilization of high-tech horticulture technologies like protected cultivation of horticulture produce, use of biotechnology, micro irrigation technologies, use of plastics etc. for the improvement of horticulture productivity. 
11. Creation of scientific post harvest management infrastructure. 
12. Value addition and diversification in processing industry. 
13. Market promotion through branding, advertisement and exports. 

The ultimate objective of the future strategy is to develop horticulture as an enterprise with the three dimensional objectives of: 

1. Economic development
2. Nutritional Security
3. Environmental conservation

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