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मुख्य मेन्यू
संगठनात्मक व्यवस्था
सामान्य सूचना
संस्था का विवरण
विभागीय फार्म
सूचना का अधिकार (आरटीआई)
स्टाफ स्थिति
टेलीफ़ोन डाइरेक्टरी
शिकायत प्रकोष्ठ
हमसे संपर्क करें
निविदा सूचना
हि० प्र० स्टेट वेटनरी कौंसिल
हि० प्र० पैरा- वेटनरी कौंसिल
राज्य पशु कल्याण बोर्ड
अन्य मुख्य लिंक्स
विभागीय लोगो
गौ सेवा आयोग
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  Latest services notified under H.P. Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011
  Gist of Departmental Activities
  Citizen Charter
  PIO & Appellate Authority
  Breeding Policy for Cattle & Buffaloes- 2016
  Compendium of Best Practices (RTI)
  Farmer's Handbook
  New Veterinary Medicines Policy 2017-2018
  District-wise Milk, Egg,Wool & Meat Productiom
  Statistical Data- AH Sector
  Rates of the Livestock & its Products(2019-20)
  New Stray Cattle Policy
  Target & Achievements Fixed for(2020-21)
  Departmental Manual
  Himachal Pradesh Office Manual, 2011
  Bird Flu Guidelines
  Pig Breeding Policy
  Latest MMAPY- GPVAs Instructions October, 2017
  Final seniority list of Joint Directors
  Final Seniority List of Veterinarians
  Submission of Joining/Departure Reports on T.R.-1 Form
  Detail of Veterinary Officer who have completed 3 Years on contract basis as on 31-03-2019
  Grant of four tier pay scales to the Veterinary Officers
  Appointment to the post of Joint Advisor/Deputy Advisor In NITI Ayog
  Renewal of one year contract/ agreement of VO
  Recruitment to the posts of Vety. Officer(Gazetted)on contract basis in AH Department.
  Transport of Animals Amendment Rules, 2001
  PCA -1960
  The Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals Rules, 1965
  Chamurthi - Himachali Pony
  Pack & Draught Animal Rules
  Prevention and Control of Infectious & Contagious Diseases in Animals Act- 2009
  Prevention and Control of Infectious & Contagious Diseases in Animals (Check Post and Quarantine Camp, Manner of Inspection etc.,) Rules,2016
  H.P. Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act-1979 and Rules 1980
  H.P. Prohibition of Cow Slaughter (Amendment) Act-2010
  Regularization of Veterinary Pharmacist
  Office Memorandum
  Departmental Examination September,2020
  Final Seniority List of Superintendent-II as on 30-10-2018
  Final Seniority list of Senior Assistants as on 31-01-2019
  Final Seniority List of Junior Technician/Technician Gr.-II,Technician Gr.-I (Mechanical/Electrical) as on 31/07/2018
  Final Seniority List of JOA (IT) as on 30-10-2018
  Final Seniority List Of Chief Veterinary Pharmacist As on 31-12-2019
  Final Seniority List of AHA As On 31-12-2019
  Final Seniority List of Veterinary Pharmacist As on 31-12-2019
  Final Seniority List of Jr.Assistants/Clerks As on 31-05-2019
  State level Final Seniority List of Class-IV As on 31-12-2018
  Advertisement for AH Attendant(Peon and one post Chowkidar)
  Counselling of GPVA
  Counselling date of GPVA 10.08.2020 for 120 post of GPVAs
  Counselling Schedule of GPVA's
  Rescheduling of Counselling of GPVA's
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